Business English with educational voucher

Increasing job opportunities with educational voucher ("Bildungsgutschein") and targeted language training

The educational voucher ("Bildungsgutschein") permits persons eligible for educational vouchers to choose their personal further training measures. Specifically linguistic further training is an attractive educational component that may increase your chances of getting a job.  

inlingua Ingolstadt and Abensberg offers training voucher holders a full-time Business English course with the goal of B1.

    The "Bildungsgutschein" (transl. Educational voucher) is a concept for state cost assumption of further training programmes with the objective of increasing the job opportunities of those eligible for educational vouchers by promoted further training.

    If the necessary promotional requirements are present, the Agenturen für Arbeit may issue educational vouchers for previously individually determined education demands.
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    There is no general claim to an educational voucher - it is a "can-service" and the decision about it is made from case to case. The promotional decision is subject to the discretion of the individual consultants. Persons who are registered as unemployed and in need of promotion may acquire an educational voucher.

    The educational voucher is awarded if interested persons give reasons for their personal education demand and present further training as the right instrument for integration in the labour market. Why do opportunities for finding work increase with the intended further training? Do you already have any offers for a job if you document specific knowledge?

    If you decide to redeem your educational voucher at our school as a certified further training provider, we offer:

    • certainly no additional costs
    • certainly reliable, high-quality lessons
    • certainly solid language and knowledge acquisition
    • certainly fun in further training

    Organisational note

    The educational voucher at inlingua

    We start language courses for persons eligible for educational vouchers at regular intervals at the Ingolstadt site. To participate in a language course like this, just drop by with your educational voucher. We will gladly personally inform you about the type of course and the starting dates and complete your sign-up with an internal further training contract on site. 

    We will gladly advise you if you have any more questions!

    Business English further education 2020/2021



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    Basic 103.02.202014.02.2020Mo.-Fr. 8:30-15:3080A1400,00 €
    Basic 217.02.202028.02.2020Mo.-Fr. 8:30-15:3080A2400,00 €
    Intermediate 102.03.202013.03.2020Mo.-Fr. 8:30-15:3080B1400,00 € 
    Intermediate 216.03.202003.04.2020Mo.-Fr. 8:30-15:30120B1600,00 €
    Exam preparation06.04.202028.04.2020Mo.-Fr. 8:30-15:30120 600,00 €

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