German courses for children of all ages

Language courses for children and schoolchildren in Ingolstadt

Kinder sitzen gemeinsam an einem Tisch und schreiben

from age 6

from age 1

German for children in individual training

German courses for children and schoolchildren in Ingolstadt (German as a second language)

Learn foreign languages ​​as early as possible with fun and method

German language support for your child. German as a Second Language (short: DaZ) is a German program for children who speak German in addition to their mother tongue. Many DaZ children need targeted German support: Children who use German as a second language improve their use of the language in vocabulary and grammar through German support lessons. With DaZ the children learn to use German correctly as an equivalent second language. They experience bilingualism as something normal and valuable!

German courses for toddlers & preschoolers (from age 1)

The best time to learn a foreign language


The inlingua German program for toddlers offers space for positive and intuitive learning - language comes to life in a creative learning environment! The toddlers learn to react to the foreign language and to form their first words through imitation. You experience bilingualism as something normal and valuable!

The inlingua German program for preschool is tailored to the motor and cognitive development of your child. The foreign language is learned vividly through songs, age-appropriate activities and movements. The learning process is moderated by an inlingua language trainer. The children learn by imitation. The vocabulary and grammar are expanded and consolidated in a structured manner.

The aim of the weekly language program is to get the children used to a foreign language at an early stage and on a regular basis. The focus is on a pedagogical approach that conveys the language through joint games and creative work. The teachers lead the dialogue and improve your child's ability to speak in the target language in a motivating way.

Weekly German courses for toddlers and preschoolers(monthly admission possible!)

CourseStartEndTimeAgeFee (€)
DaZ Kleinkinder 20/21 (Di)13.04.202020.07.2021Di., 14:00 -15:001-3 47,00 / month
DaZ Vorschulkurs 20/21 (Mo)14.09.202019.07.2021Mo., 16:30 -17:304-7 47,00 / month
DaZ Vorschulkurs 20/21 (Do)04.03.202129.07.2021Do., 16:45 -17:454-7 47,00 / month


German courses for primary school students (from age 6)

One step ahead of the class


Children from the 1st grade onwards familiarize themselves with the German language in a playful, targeted manner and overcome fears and linguistic inhibitions. They learn to communicate successfully and happily with their environment in German. Age-appropriate topics and creative work exclusively in German encourage your child to use natural language. The course focuses primarily on oral communication.

Weekly German courses for elementary school students (monthly admission possible!)

CourseStartEndTimesAgePreis (€)
DaZ Grundschulkurs "Die Kleinen" 20/21 (Di)06.10.202020.07.2021Di., 15:15-16:156-9 (1./2. grade)47,00 € / month
DaZ Grundschulkurs "Die Großen" 20/21 (Di)15.09.202020.07.2021Do., 16:30-17:309-11 (3./4. grade)47,00 € / month


German for children in individual training

Because speaking German is key


Individual German language support for your child. Does your child need a very individual program that is precisely tailored to their language learning needs? In one-to-one training, your child is specifically targeted in order to optimize language skills! We are happy to help!

Are you interested in a children's course?

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