Learning languages with the inlingua method

Guaranteed success is always based on a good method. Here at inlingua you are gradually guided towards language proficiency. We at inlingua rely on:

    inlingua Method: Speaking, understanding, experience

    Using the language is the best way to learn!

    You’ll have plenty of opportunities to actively use the language: for example by participating in typical, authentic daily situations where useful phrases and suitable responses are role played and perfected in dialogs. Consequently, you are best equipped to deal with these situations in real life.

    What does "inlingua Method" mean?

    Among others, that only the new language is spoken - the target language.

    Only the target language?

    Most new words and terms are introduced visually. Others will become clear from the situation and the context.

    Will there be no translations or explanations in my mother tongue?

    If the meaning is clear, translations are not needed.

    What about grammar?

    The trainers design their lessons to render grammar examinations unnecessary. Intensive training of the language media will enable you to figure out the rules on your own. They are then confirmed in your  inlingua learning material.

    What does "intensive training" mean?

    The trainer has the task of getting you to speak, e.g.: You answer questions, you ask questions, also to the other participants, you help correct, you will say many things repeatedly: until it is down just right, until you are really secure in it.

    What does the trainer do? 

    He speaks as little as possible. He says only what is absolutely necessary. He doesn't tell, he doesn't lecture. He provides new words and shows how to properly combine them.

    Will I also learn free speaking?

    After you have achieved a certain competence with the new language media, you will do partner or group work: You will decide what to say or ask. You will work very intensively and do not wait until it is your turn again.

    How do you work with the inlingua material?

    You will receive books and an audio CD to practice at home. Additionally, you can also book inlingua online-learning for more practice exercises. Books are usually closed in class. You only open them to work with the illustrations, texts, dialogs, exercises and other communication activities.  

    Do we have to write a lot?

    Almost all the new words, structures, etc. are part of the learning materials anyway. Written tasks are mainly done at home.

    The inlingua learning material

    For best learning success, the teaching method must harmonise perfectly with the learning materials used. Therefore, inlingua International operates its own learning materials publisher, where an international team of experts continually works to develop our learning materials. These learning materials are used according to consistent directives in all inlingua training centres in the world.

    The learning material is structured according to the competence levels of the European reference framework - you will always end your inlingua language courses on an indicative level.

    To keep training efficiency high in spite of the many different materials used, our trainers have comprehensive Trainer Resource Packs in which all threads are combined to enable the trainers to perfectly adjust to the respective group's learning progress.

    Our inlingua trainers

    Our trainers: Our language trainers are mostly native speakers. They therefore speak the language so authentically and differentiatedly as you can only learn it from birth.

    Our trainers are carefully trained in the inlingua method, which guarantees effective and diverse lessons. This internal further training will be monitored by the international inlingua Teacher Training Network (iTTN) to ensure a consistent quality standard.

    Trainers in the area of job-related language have additional relevant on-the-job experience. They have the required specialist know-how and can moderate the roleplay performed in a realistic manner.

    Further E-learning materials

    An inlingua International expert team continually works to develop effective E-Learning offers to supplement our classroom lessons on various levels: Our E-learning offers

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