Weekly language training for kids

Learning a language in a nice and playful environment

  • Participants of our weekly language courses are taught in small groups of around 5-8 children.
  • What makes inlingua language courses for children stand out is that they are adapted to the cognitive and motor skills levels of each age group. For the children’s English courses, this means that there is a course for each individual age– from the age of one, your child can continuously develop his or her English skills.
  • The objective of our weekly programme is to train the language skills of your children at an early age. The pedagogical approach is not the same as the teaching style at school, but to play and to have fun in the target language. All teachers are native speakers who lead the dialogue and motivate your children to speak idiomatically in the foreign language.


Our pedagogical team is looking forward to supporting your children on their way to learning a foreign language!

English courses for pre-schoolers - Dots First English

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
AGE 1-212.03.201930.07.2019Di., 13:30-14:151-2 Jahre47,00 / Monat
AGE 310.09.201829.07.2019Mo., 15:30-16:303 Jahre47,00 / Monat
AGE 413.09.201801.08.2019Do., 15:30-16:304 Jahre47,00 / Monat
AGE 511.09.201830.07.2019Di., 15:30-16:305 Jahre47,00 / Monat
AGE 512.03.201930.07.2019Di., 14:20-15:205 Jahre47,00 / Monat

Please access this Website to find more information: Dots FIRST English-Website.  

English courses for school kids - inlingua Bubbles

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Bubbles 1 (Fr)09.11.201802.08.2019Fr., 15:20-16:206-7 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Bubbles 1 (Mi)03.04.201931.07.2019Mi., 15:45-16:456-7 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Bubbles 2 (Mi)12.09.201831.07.2019Mi., 17:00-18:007-8 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Bubbles 2 (Fr)14.09.201802.08.2019Fr., 14:15-15:157-8 Jahre47,00 / Monat

English courses from 5th grade on - inlingua Junior & Teens

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Junior 112.09.201831.07.2019Mi., 17:00-18:008-9 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Junior 104.04.201901.08.2019Do., 14:15-15:158-9 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Junior 209.11.201802.08.2019Fr., 14:15-15:159-10 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Go World 1 06.09.201801.08.2019Do., 16:45-17:4511-12 Jahre47,00 / Monat
Go World 213.03.201931.07.2019Mi., 15:45-16:4512-13 Jahre47,00 / Monat

German courses for children (weekly)

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
DaZ Vorschulkurs10.09.201829.07.2019Mo., 16:45-17:454-7 Jahre47,00 € / Monat
DaZ Vorschulkurs07.02.201901.08.2019Do., 14:15-15:154-7 Jahre47,00 € / Monat

Spanish courses for children (weekly)

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
"los pequeños" Spanisch06.02.201931.07.2019Mi., 14:30-15:303-5 Jahre47,00 € / Monat
"los grandes" Spanisch12.09.201831.07.2019Mi.,15:45-16:456-8 Jahre47,00 € / Monat

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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