German crash courses - inlingua summer programme

inlingua summer programme 2018 - German courses at a special rate

During August we offer attractive crash courses in German on all language levels. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team!

Power Training 90 (3 weeks)

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Power Training A103.08.202014.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 8:30-13:30A1245 € / Woche
Power Training A217.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 8:30-13:30A2245 € / Woche
Power Training A117.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 8:30-13:30A1245 € / Woche
Power Training A231.08.202011.09.2020Mo.-Fr., 8:30-13:30A2245 € / Woche

Turbo Brush-up 20 (1 week)

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Gesprächstraining B1-B2 Vormittag17.08.202021.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 08:30-11:00B1-B2245 €
Gesprächstraining B1-B2 Abend17.08.202021.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 17:00-19:30B1-B2245 €
Gesprächstraining C1-C2 Vormittag17.08.202021.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 08:30-11:00C1-C2245 €
Gesprächstraining C1-C2 Abend17.08.202021.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 17:00-19:30C1-C2245 €
Schreibtraining C1-C2 Vormittag24.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 8:30-11:00C1-C2245 €
Schreibtraining C1-C2 Abend24.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 17:00-19:30C1-C2245 €
Schreibtraining B1-B2 Vormittag24.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 08:30-11:00B1-B2245 €
Schreibtraining B1-B2 Abend24.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 17:00-19:30B1-B2245 €
Gesprächstraining B1-B2 Vormittag24.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 08:30-11:00B1-B2245 €
Gesprächstraining B1-B2 Abend24.08.202028.08.2020Mo.-Fr., 17:00-19:30B1-B2245 €
Gesprächstraining C1-C2 Vormittag31.08.202004.09.2020Mo.-Fr., 08:30-11:00C1-C2245 €
Gesprächstraining C1-C2 Abend31.08.202004.09.2020Mo.-Fr., 17:00-19:30C1-C2245 €

Fit for Business - Business German Crashcourses

lesson name
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