A1 telc 05/20

Examination telc, German

inlingua Ingolstadt
Start date - End date
12.05.2020 - 08.04.2020

Day and time
Dienstag, 11:00 - 13:30 Uhr

Start level
A1 - Beginners
Target level
A1 - Beginners

Course description

Upon request: telc Examination

inlingua Ingolstadt is a certified examination centre for obtaining a telc certificate. telc stands for “The European Language Certificates”. For more information see www.telc.net.

Please note the following:

The request form is not a registration for the exam! After you have sent us the request form, we will contact you in order to sign you up for the exam. If you do not receive feedback from us within two workdays, please contact us by e-mail at info@inlingua-ingolstadt.de, so that we can clarify any misunderstanding. 

Important organisational information for the participation in an examination at inlingua Ingolstadt: 

  • The registration deadline is one month prior to the examination. Places are limited!
  • Late registration is still possible until 10 days before the examination; the late registration fee is €20. 
  • The telc examination is carried out at inlingua Ingolstadt
Normally we will invite you to come by personally to register and to pay the €150 fee. Sending the registration form and invoice can only be done in exceptional cases.

Tuition cost
€ 150,00