Targeted additional training of listening comprehension and speech skills

The language training of the roughly 80 inlingua language schools in Germany is perfectly supplemented with the innovative, patented procedure SpeedLingua from now on. Every language has its own frequency and tone. You perceive some sounds and sound sequences better and others less well, depending on your native language. When learning languages, this will lead to hearing mistakes, communication problems and, as a consequence, problems with pronunciation and flow of speech. This is where the E-learning offer "SpeedLingua" comes in.

You can take the  SpeedLingua training units at your own computer, since the programme is browser-based. You do not need to install any software.

For whom is SpeedLingua suitable?

"Speedlingua" is an efficient supplement for individual, group or company training.

  • For everyone who enjoys E-learning.
  • For beginners who want to quickly get used to the new tonality and avoid typical mistakes.
  • For advanced learners who want to considerably increase their speaking speed, reduce an annoying accent and adjust to their interview partner even better.
  • For everyone who is looking for a cost-efficient but effective supplementation of their lessons.

    What does "SpeedLingua" contain?

    Targeted hearing stimulation will open the learner's hearing for the target language. He can perceive all tones and sounds. After listening, the language student will repeat the learning unit and hear himself in the right frequency. This will naturally and quickly improve pronunciation and language flow. The programme considerably facilitates and accelerates learning of a language and is suitable for all learning levels. "Beginners can quickly get used to the new tonality and avoid typical mistakes. Advanced learners can considerably increase their speaking speed, reduce an annoying accent  and even better focus on their interview partner," says Dagmar Schneider from inlingua Deutschland. The procedure therefore is perfect for reinforcing elements learned in the language course at home.


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