Intensive German courses

Our intensive courses are good for learners who want to quickly develop or refresh their knowledge in their target language. You will usually learn in block courses in a small group (apart from individual training). Saturday clubs or weekend seminars are usually offered on request.

We will gladly consult with you!

Intensive courses B2 Mittelstufe

German B2 Intensive Course incl. examination preparation module | from 19.02.2018

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Kurs / IN 021819.02.201811.06.2018Mo-Do, 08:30-12:45B2 Intensivklasse2100,00
PV / IN 021812.06.201827.06.2018Mo-Do, 08:30-12:45Prüfungsvorbereitung350,00

German B2 Intensive Course incl. examination preparation module | from 02.05.2018

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Kurs / IN 051802.05.201827.07.2018Mo-Fr, 13:00-17:15B2 Intensivklasse2100,00
PV / IN 051830.07.201810.08.2018Mo-Fr, 13:00-17:15Prüfungsvorbereitung350,00

Intensive courses C1 Oberstufe

In the C1 level intensive training program, you will solidify and increase the depth of your command of the language in all “can do” criteria of the CEFR so that you can also understand difficult and detailed language, as well as language related to a specific field, and formulate your own oral and written output in a clearly, structured and academic manner. 

The core of the C1 level intensive training program consists of the C1 language module that increases your command of the language according to a structured method. The C1 module will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

This module will be combined with test preparation on Thursdays and Fridays. On those two days, the focus of the lesson will be on solving problems in various formats: grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing, and pronunciation; all are key features of C1 language tests (C1 University or TestDaF). We will counsel you should you have any questions! (

German C1 Intensive Course (incl. telc C1 and TestDaF prep course) | from 05.02.2018

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Kurs / IN 021819.02.201828.05.2018Mo-Mi, 08:30-12:45C1 Intensivklasse2240,00
PT telc C1 / IN 021822.02.201817.05.2018Do, 08:30-12:45Prüfungstraining telc C1 HSkostenlos
PT TestDaF / IN 021823.02.201818.05.2018Fr, 08:30-12:45Prüfungstraining TestDaFkostenlos

Intensive courses Saturday programme

German | Saturday Club

lesson namestart dateend dateday and timestagelesson price
Samstagsclub A114.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrA1690,00
Samstagsclub A124.02.201809.06.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrA1690,00
Samstagsclub A214.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrA2690,00
Samstagsclub A224.02.201809.06.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrA2690,00
Samstagsclub B1.124.02.201809.06.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB1.1690,00
Samstagsclub B1.114.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB1.1690,00
Samstagsclub B1.214.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB2.1690,00
Samstagsclub B2.114.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB2.1690,00
Samstagsclub B2.124.02.201809.06.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB2.1690,00
Samstagsclub B2.214.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB2.1690,00
Samstagsclub C1.114.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB2.1690,00
Samstagsclub C1.214.04.201821.07.2018Samstag, 9:00-12:15 UhrB2.1690,00

Individual training

individual training, one-to-one sessions

Individual training is the right choice if you are looking for a flexible programme that
 is tailored to your learning targets and your diary.

The advantages at a glance:  

  • You define your learning targets.
  • We create a tailored programme on the basis of your learning targets. It doesn't matter whether you want to learn a new language quickly, brush up forgotten knowledge or specifically prepare for certain situations, contacts abroad, conferences, negotiations or presentations etc. 
  • You can decide on the learning pace without having to make allowance for other participants. Your trainer is absolutely focused on you!
  • You decide on the duration and the time of the lesson. Lessons can take place between 8 am and 20.30 pm - totally tailored to your needs! 
  • If planned lessons have to be dropped, you can cancel them free of charge until 1 pm on the previous work day.
  • You can choose whether you want to be trained in our language centre in Ingolstadt or Abensberg or in your company!

Further Intensive courses on request

Course dates week seminar Ingolstadt German

lesson nameday and timestagelesson price
Wochenseminar Deutsch (auf Anfrage)Mo - Fr, 08:30 - 13:00auf Anfrage480,00

Course dates Crash course Ingolstadt German

lesson nameday and timestagelesson price
Schnellkurs Deutsch (auf Anfrage)Mo-Fr, 17:00-19:15auf Anfrage480,00
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