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Learn German at inlingua Ingolstadt und Abensberg

We will gladly support you in learning confident communication in German. In supported integration courses, private group courses or as an individual student, in full or part time, at a regular learning speed or in a quick-learner class - we have the right kind of class for you.

  • Integration courses

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  • Group courses, general

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  • Group courses for work / Topic courses
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  • DeuFöV courses B2 (job-related)
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  • Intensive Courses B2  Mittelstufe
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  • Intensive Courses C1 Oberstufe
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  • Group courses "TestDaF"
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  • Saturday clubs
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  • Week seminars
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  • Quick courses
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  • Individual training
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inlingua Method

Languages are best learned by speaking them. At inlingua, you will experience language training methodically leading step by step right to the target language:

  • Our language trainers are mostly native speakers.
  • Your language trainer will only speak with you in his native language - from the very first lesson.
  • Small classes of no more than eight persons ensure that you will talk as much as possible.
  • If you have any prior knowledge of the language you want to learn, take the placement test to find the right course for your level of language skills.
  • The inlingua learning material is specifically aligned with this direct teaching method.


More information on "Why inlingua?"

Completion of the course

At the end of each course, all participants will receive an indicative graded participation certificate that confirms your language level according to the European reference framework. After levels  A1, A2, B1.2, B2.2 and C1.2, you can take the telc examination(www.telc.net) . (Dates of telc examinations)

Integration courses

Are you new to Germany or have you been living here for a while without sufficient German skills? You need to learn German to easily organise your everyday life in Germany. To support you in a targeted manner, we have introduced integration courses promoted by the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF).

The integration course will teach you language skills from perfect beginner level to level B1 of the European Reference Framework. You will learn a lot about the politics, culture and history of Germany. Focuses of the integration language course are on general grammar and vocabulary development, everyday situations, contact with authorities, doctor's visits, school interviews and many other things to make life in Germany as easy for you as possible.

The most important information about the framework conditions and your inlingua contacts can be found here in the brief information on integration courses.

To the current course plan and online registration for integration courses.

Group courses, general

In our general group classes, you will learn step by step to securely express yourself in the foreign language. The group size is limited to four to eight people Our language trainers are mostly native speakers and focus the course on oral expression and listening comprehension. Additionally, reading and writing are taught as well. General group courses usually take place in the evening. There are different offers for beginners (A1) and advanced students (as of B1). 

Group courses for work

Whether writing emails, talking on the phone or negotiating - our business classes will make you fit in your foreign language for nearly any professional situation. No matter the level you are starting at - language is mostly acquired in the professional context. We prepare you for "serious business" from the very first. Most of our language trainers are native speakers and many have relevant professional experience. The business classes comprise 30 sessions (with 2 TU each) and cover the levels of the European reference framework. 

To the current course plan and online registration for group courses for work.

Intensive Course B2 (full time)

You have already reached B1 in German and you would like to even intensify your knowledge of German within short time? This is the right course for you!

In our German course B2 you learn German daily. After 4 month of intensive language training you will complete the course with the exam telc B2 German.

To the current course plan and online registration for intensive courses.

Group courses "TestDaF"

Are you going to study in Germany and want to prepare yourself for the TestDaF (German as a foreign language)? We will gladly support you in reaching your goal quickly and efficiently! We offer  compact and targeted examination training with experienced German teachers in a group of 8 to 12 participants. We also deal with signing you up for the exam!

Prerequisites for participation are German skills at least on level B2 according to the European reference framework  (depending on the desired TestDaF level).

 For more information about the test "Deutsch als Fremdsprache", see the information portal of the TestDaF-Institute.

Saturday clubs

Intensive learning in the lively atmosphere of a small group on weekends: Saturday clubs are the right course type for any participant who wants to compactly and quickly start learning a foreign language or refresh their present knowledge.

Saturday clubs take place on 15 subsequent Saturdays with 4 teaching units (TU) each from 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM. The group size is four to eight people. 

One-week seminars

Our one-week seminar is compact language training in small groups starting at 4 participants. One-week seminars are particularly good for quickly starting a foreign language or refreshing present knowledge. The one-week seminar also perfectly prepares you for professional challenges, e.g. a stay abroad.

The course times are Monday to Friday, 09:30 AM to 2:30 PM (with coffee breaks).



To the current course plan and online registration for intensive courses.

Quick courses

The quick course is a course form for people with jobs who want to take intensive language training to quickly start a foreign language within 2 weeks (general or job-related language).  The class takes place Monday to Friday, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. The quick course starts at 2 participants with comparable knowledge and the same course target. 

Individual training

No matter whether you want to quickly start a new language, refresh forgotten knowledge or specifically prepare yourself for special communication situations, such as a stay abroad. Individual lessons are the right choice if you need a flexible programme that is completely aligned with your individual goals and schedule.
You can determine the time and duration of lessons - between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, just as you need them. On request, lessons can be held at your site as well.




To the current course plan and online registration for intensive courses.

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