inlingua Online Learning (iOL)

Online reinforcement of the inlingua (classroom) language course

The inlingua  online learning offer iOL provides additional practice that will support you in learning your language. A personalised online access enables you to access your personal learning platform from anywhere and anytime. More than 1,200 available exercises and more than 5,000 multimedia contents efficiently support you in reaching your personal language learning goals - around the clock and seven days per week.

For whom is iOL suitable?

iOL is the perfect supplement for individual, group or company training.

  • For everyone who enjoys E-learning.
  • For everyone who wants to do additional exercises comfortably from home.
  • For everyone who cannot regularly attend their (classroom) course.
  • For everyone who wants to use the inlingua method on business trips or holidays as well.
  • For everyone who is looking for a cost-efficient but effective supplementation of their lessons.

    What does iOL contain?

    • Many exercises, individually coordinated with the respective knowledge
    • Explanations and exercises on all grammatical structures
    • Exercises on oral expression and listening comprehension
    • Different vocabulary exercises for building vocabulary
    • A monolingual dictionary in which the words that have been looked up are automatically saved. You can go through vocabulary exercises specifically based on these entries.


      We will gladly advise you if you are interested for a language course with iOL-access!




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